Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Arrowhead Ultra

2016 Arrowhead Ultra

I just completed my 8th Arrowhead Ultra.  There are no give-mes in the Arrowhead and this year was no exception.  With warm temps came soft (very soft) snow.  The snow reminded me of my first Arrowhead when a skier passed me by just poling and not skating.  He seemed to be gliding effortlessly while I struggled to keep a line.  Although I was passed by a skier again, this year was different than my first.  I knew determination and grit goes a long way in making it to the finish line.

There are still times during this grueling event you ask yourself, "why am I here?" but seeing good friends and maybe giving someone encouraging words to motivate them to the finish is all that's needed to draw me back.

Left to right: Yours truly, Paul Miner, Mark Scotch

Paul and I would leave MelGeorge (1/2 way point) together and encourage each other to the finish.  Mark caught us at the Surly checkpoint and rode with us to the finish, total time of  27 hours 55 minutes.  Thanks for the great ride guys!

This was my 2nd Arrowhead bike setup.  2009 was the year and I thought I had it dialed in.  It is amazing how the number of choices in equipment and bikes we have today.  This bike made me a better rider by accompanying me on rides I didn't think were possible.  Thank you Surly for taking a chance on fat tires and the bike that opened the sport to the masses, long live Pugsley.  They use to weigh our gear and it was a mandatory 20lb without the water.

Keep posted for 2016 Buschraft Bike Ultra details.

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